Wake Up America…

One thing I thought when I started blogging here was that I would keep this blog civil and not use language or opinion that could be perceived as petty because that gives people who want to divert attention from the main argument fodder to do so. It’s very hard to do when you hear what these “gentlemen” running for the republican nomination have to say, when you clearly see how shallow and myopic their ideas are and how limited their ability to understand the world is.

Ron Paul is a notable exception. I have never seen a more consistent and logical person. I hope it is not going to be that very fact that keeps him from being the president of the US. Really, he makes everyone (including Obama) look like rhetorical mouth pieces fighting for petty self gratification and power. He makes their words seem like meaningless blabber.

But anyways, that’s not why I started writing this post. I want to put my voice out their with so many others who are just flabbergasted at how America is being fooled into a possible war with Iran… right under our noses, while we scream and shout to oppose it, neo-conservatives and republicans are firstly acting like they have support and second concocting up scenarios and demonizing Iran and Ahmadinejad. They are shamelessly trying to hypnotize the people.

 People, please stand up and speak out against this. Bush and Cheney along with people like Rudy, Romney etc will take you to another war. Your sons and daughters will be killed, 10s of thousands of innocent people in Iran will be killed, people all over the world will be tortured, arrested and murdered. The world will be set back, become a much more dangerous place.

These people really have no morals or complexity in their characters. Sometimes they don’t even have a choice because of the commitments they have made to faceless business interests. They are just delivering to those who they have promised on their way to power…


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