Little Drops Make an Ocean

Saturday, 04/05/2008 was the “Night of Hope” organized by a charity called The Little Drops Orphanage Fund which was started by my friend and co-worker from Microsoft, Charles Duze. I dont find myself going to many charity events but this is one I have been going to for 3 years now. The reason, the people who run it are smart, dedicated and genuine, there is a cool African theme to the whole event and last but definately not the least there is home cooked African food, which this time Charles and his wife had themselves spend the whole day preparing. Thanks guys, it was delicious. No ordinary feat given that Little Drops has grown tremendously and I would say there were atlease 200 people who were at the event this year.

Overall it was a great event as usual, marred by a few glitches in the sound system. Good thing Glen was the MC so we were distracted by laughing at him 🙂 … just kidding bro… he handled it very well and made it work, besides what’s life without a little feedback eh?

Most of the performance events were Indian, and althought they were pretty good, I was a wee bit disappointed. I was looking forward to hearing some African beats and watching some hot African dance moves like the last time… but no such luck. There was an excellent semi-classical santoor and tabla recital followed by 2 performances by Dreamz, a local Bollywood dance performance group. Not bad but I’ve seen them a few times now. There was a silent auction where I bid on and won a necklace which has a pendant shaped like Nigeria.

There was a really touching speech made by one of the guests (I forgot his name). The parts that stood out most for me were when he said “you cannot solve a problem using the same mentality that has created it”  and second when he described starvation. He said that when the body starts to starve, it starts to feed on itself. First the fat, then the muscles and finally the organs. It does not know the difference. The complete hall became silent as they heard this. They probably pictured that happening to a little child.

All in all the event organization could have been better but we had a blast. I strongly support Charles and his team’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of orphans in Africa. They are organizing a trip to a few African countries in 2009 so if you are interested in visiting, check out and sign up.


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  1. read a touching article on charity at
    Your whole idea of charity will change…

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