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Read the Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury Indictment

It’s mind boggling how the media today is all about opinion and so little about fact reporting and journalism. I finally came across the actual text of Jerry Sandusky’s indictment text here ( and have downloaded and attached it to this post so that it remains available.

Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment

I think everyone should read the indictment, understand that everything in it may also not be true (until proven), and arrive at their own judgement. My opinion is below:

Sandusky needs to get the full force of the law and public opinion coming down on him. However, I think it’s pretty clear that Joe Paterno should go. As bad as I fee about his career ending this way, he knew what was going on (to a large extent) and was too smug in his situation to call it out. That might even be excusable if it was about some sort of bribe that someone took. But this was about raping young kids, which in many people’s mind is akin to murder. That’s too much to accept. Think about yourself in that situation. Would you continue to work, socialize and associate with a person who you have more that a suspicion of being a serial pedophile?

And the same goes for a lot of other people at Penn State and specially in the football program. I think the big house needs to be cleaned up big time, maybe even put on a hold.

Also, keep in mind that all you (me included) tax payers out there are going to be paying to settle all the law suits coming Penn State’s way. Thank you to all who made that little boost to the legal economy possible!

PS: I am a Penn State alum and I feel sad for all the students, teachers, staff, alumni and fans/supporters of Penn State who will lose because of the criminal and because of those who to various extents and in various ways allowed a criminal to get this far with his crimes. The lion is weeping and it will take a lot of work to restore its pride!


CNN – No Ron Paul

Dec 16 was the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Ron Paul supporters organized a massive fund raiser and raised over $6 million dollars which happens to be a record for a single day for any candidate in the history of the US.


Huge news you would think.

Ron Paul is anti-Bush, anti-war, has no special interests to please, a clean and consistent record and is corruption free… not the typical politician such as Giuliani, Romney or Clinton. Without the help of mainstream media and infact without even his own participation, over $6 million dollars have been raised for him. You would think this news is all over the media and he would be given coverage for many hours atleast today, the day he made the record.

But hell no, CNN is busy covering Pam Anderson’s boobies (or was it her 2 month marriage… they’re fabulous babe but you know what I mean? :-).  At one point during the afternoon, there was a little link up there but disappeared within the hour.

MSNBC was slightly better. They had an inconspicuous little link for a long time on the website… but Sanjay was the main attraction of the day… WTF???

How can I believe that a single honest journalist works in these organizations when there has been no effort to bring forward the most important news of the day or even this entire election so far. The fools in Fox get a memo that tells them what to do but you guys in CNN are self motivated… fucking over-achievers.

 Anyway, maybe it’s all for the better… piss more people off and you might just create the tipping point that lazy Americans need to kick Bush and his cronies along with his followup acts Guiliani and Romney out…

 Here’s Ron Paul’s website: 

And here’s a word of wisdom from Kent Snyder, Ron Paul’s campaign chairman

“Mainstream media is behind the times… maybe 2 or 3 years behind”

Think about that… it’s before You Tube or Digg were around… damn they’re fuckin’ dinosaurs

Check him out, donate and spread the word… Peace

Why people like Noam Chomsky are not on TV

No one is better at telling it than he, himself.

As for Jeff Greenfield, Producer of Nightline, please shut up and dont try to be an intellectual when you are not.